Modaris® V8

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    Modaris V8

    Modaris® V8 secures the communication of valuable digital data along today’s
    complex supply chains thanks to a cutting-edge file exchange framework
    Paris, October 4, 2016 – Lectra, the world
    leader in integrated technology solutions
    dedicated to industries using fabrics,
    leather, technical textiles and composite
    materials, launches Modaris® V8 to
    facilitate collaboration during the fashion
    industry’s product development process,
    and unleash creativity.
    The most widely used 2D/3D
    patternmaking and grading solution
    worldwide, Modaris has been adopted by
    the most well-known brands in fashion and
    apparel. Faced with the complexities of an extended product development process—and constant
    pressure for new, high-quality products to reach the market quickly—the industry now has an upgraded
    solution to meet these challenges with Lectra’s newest version of Modaris.
    Improving product approval processes and digital file exchange, Modaris V8 speeds up creation,
    accelerates sampling, and faciliates teamwork—all of which are increasingly necessary as today’s
    product development teams rarely work under one roof.
    “Thanks to Modaris V8, it now takes us half the time to finalize our lace positioning. And we have also
    significantly improved communication with our manufacturing partners or own factories,” explains Céline
    Nonat, senior patternmaker at Création Chantal Thomass – Chantelle Group. A Lectra customer for over
    25 years, French lingerie entity Chantelle Group has adopted Lectra product development, design and
    production solutions across the world.
    More manufacturers are now also taking on prototyping and creative product development activities for
    brands and retailers, in addition to the traditional services of grading, industrializing patterns and
    processing production orders. Brands and retailers increasingly outsource pattern creation based on
    product specifications–simply initiating the patternmaking process, giving feedback to suppliers and
    making the crucial approvals.
    Clear benefits delivered in the latest version of Modaris V8 include the ability to create and fine-tune
    products more easily for faster approval; to industrialize patterns faster for a smoother assembly process;
    and to position and grade logos and graphics in 2D and 3D simultaneously.