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    Hướng dẫn lấy licesen 30 days
    PAD Trial Version
    PAD offers 30 days trial version of PAD² V6 Pattern Enterprise and PAD² V6 Marker Design software. The trial version is almost fully functional and offers every features of the product for you to test-drive.

    4 Steps to complete the download

    You just need 4 simple steps to download the trial version,

    Step 1: Click here to register and open your customer account;

    Step 2: Click Download trial version button at PAD homepage;

    Step 3: Select either Pattern Enterprise or Market Design V6, or BOTH from the download list;

    Step 4: Go to "Download Area” to download PAD V6 installation program.

    Please click here to view the step by step guide of downloading trial license.

    License registration and activation
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    Ðề: PAD Trial Version 6.0 New

    Hi ca nha ,
    Minh dang download PAD system theo link : 1. Registration
    - Go to
    - Click the ‘Register’ button, You must check the Individual User, not Enterprise User
    - Put all Login Information and click the ‘submit’ button

    2. Trial Version
    - Go to Home, click the ‘Download Trial Version’
    - Check the PAD2 Pattern Design V5, PAD2 Marker Design V5 under the ‘Select Product’
    - Click the ‘Download Trial’ button, the Key Code will be ready

    3. PAD Pattern, Marking Program, exercise file download
    - Go to Home, Click the Download Area inside of the Quick Link section
    - Click and download the PAD V 5.0 Pattern Design, and PAD V 5.0 Marker Design
    - Install them and icons will be on the desktop.

    4. Program Activation
    - Go to PAD Website -> Click User Center -> Click License Management -> Copy the Key Code
    - Open the PAD Program, put the Key Code that you copied
    - Log in with your Account ID, Password, (same as from Web Site)

    *** 30days trial expires…
    - This is only for 30days trial
    - All of files made by Trial Program will be locked, you must Buy the program before the lock if you want to keep use
    - Do not use Trial Version for Production ,
    Nhưng khi setup xong thi export ko sử dụng được.
    Mong các Anh ( Chị ) ,giúp đỡ,
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    Director retires
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    Ðề: PAD Trial Version 6.0 New

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